Dry Cleaning

You invest your money in your clothes, we invest our time preserving them for you!  Some cleaners try cutting costs by reusing old dirty solvent; Liberto Cleaners would NEVER jeopardize the care of your fine garments by employing such appalling methods! Due to our distillation process, 100% PURE solvent is used to clean your fashionable attire.   We HAND-PRESS every piece of dry-cleaning!  You never have to worry about the quality & treatment of your apparel as Liberto Cleaners' staff are the most assiduous in the industry!  
As a "green cleaner," we are constantly pursuing environmentally friendly procedures, processes, & techniques by utilizing the latest equipment, products, & inventions in the industry so that we are gentle on your delicate garments as well as our environment!  Liberto Cleaners utilizes a Class III A Hydrocarbon solvent, DF2000, for dry-cleaning your clothes.  "With strict state and federal environmental regulations implemented and present within the last few years, Hydrocarbon, as well as some other new emerging Class III A solvents, once again gained in popularity.  These solvents are clean and environmentally kind liquids."