​​​We offer services whether you are looking to:  save your wedding dress for your daughter; restore your grandmother's wedding dress; or preserve your child's christening gown.  We pride ourselves in restoring, preserving, & heirlooming all your delicate memories with the highest magnitude of quality & detail.
Heirlooming of wedding or christening gowns includes placing your cherished articles in specially constructed boxes.  Gowns are stuffed with white, acid-free, unbuffered tissue paper to prevent wrinkles.  Placing gowns inside  keepsake boxes which are then slipped into another protective box ensures that dust, light, & most insects cannot reach the items being preserved.  
Store the gown in a cool, dry location.  Attics are not good choices because dampness can cause mildew, and attic heat could promote yellowing of the fabric.  
The goal of any storage method is to slow down the aging process.  Unfortunately, no process or storage method can absolutely guarantee against yellowing or possible deterioration of fabrics.  However, by allowing us the privilege to care for your gown, you will have taken the right steps to minimize these eventualities.  You may wish to consider checking the gown every 3-5 years as it is easier to address and correct any problems sooner rather than later.

Restoration, Heirlooming, & Preservation