​Today Johnny, Mary Pat, & Lauren do whatever tasks requires their immediate attention. With his 30 years of experience in the industry, Johnny Walter is the only drycleaning owner in New Orleans on the Board of Directors for the Southwest Drycleaners Association, which oversees operational quality of drycleaners in eight different states. Aside from overseeing the quality of production their business circulates, Johnny continually searches for advancements in the industry.  Mary Pat handles all internal company affairs.  Collectively they both train Lauren in every aspect of the business from spotting & cleaning clothes, to matching out & bagging orders, to waiting on customers, & overseeing production.  Lauren is involved in every step of the process.  She spends her days at the front counter with her customers; at the spotting board working the stains on delicate fabrics; she runs the dryclean and wetclean machines; and she touches up all garments with a hand iron as they are in the finishing process.   In keeping with the Liberto family's tradition of a hard work ethic, Johnny, Mary Pat, and Lauren  persistently move forward to better their business. Customers can trust that at Liberto Cleaners, the owners always keep a hands on approach to their business and are always in direct contact with their customers, their employees, & the clothes that require their attention. For these reasons, Liberto Cleaners is always a step ahead of the competition in every aspect of the business!  

Johnny, Mary Pat, and Lauren own, manage, & operate a successful small business with approximately 30 employees, 2 state of the art drycleaning machines, a Pellerin/Milnor washing machine, two wetcleaning systems (customized for all delicates from silk to wool), 16 individual pressing/finishing stations, a prespotting station, & a hand-cleaning station. Liberto Cleaners is also a member of Drycleaning and Laundry Institue (DLI), and they are the only Platinum Certified Master Dry-Cleaner in New Orleans.  Liberto Cleaners is constantly pursuing and seizing educational opportunities for the owners and employees alike. Continually advancing machines, techniques, processes, methods, and formulas creates for paramount results for their customers' clothes.


Patsy and J.B. Liberto 

Second generation owners
​of Liberto Cleaners

Ignatius Liberto & his wife
​Mary Badali Liberto

First generation owners
​of Liberto Cleaners

1932    1944    1947    1962    1987    1999    2017

1932  Ignatius Liberto & Theresa & Walter Meteye owned Key Stone Cleaners. 
1944  Ignatius opened Community Cleaners.
1947  Ignatius purchased the Willow St location.
1962  J.B. & Patsy Liberto purchased the business & changed the name to Liberto Cleaners. 
1987  J.B. & Patsy purchased the Prytania St location. 
1999  Mary Pat & Johnny Walter purchased the business.

Mary Pat Liberto Walter
​& John Walter

Third generation owners
​of Liberto Cleaners

For the last eighty five years, the Liberto Family has built a solid reputation as New Orleans' most trusted dry cleaner. Johnny & Mary Pat Walter together with their daughter, Lauren VanCamp are committed to providing quality service to the community. They believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable dry-cleaner is the recipe for success. While others seek to profit by cutting corners, or recommending unnecessary services to customers, Liberto Cleaners believes that a good reputation and consistent service will reap bigger profits in the long run.

Mary Pat entered the business in 1977 working part-time for her parents, J.B. & Patsy.  She began working full time in 1984.  Her husband Johnny joined in the family business shortly thereafter. Their daughter, Lauren began working for them part-time in 1999 and then full-time upon completing her degree from the University of New Orleans in 2007.  Johnny, Mary Pat, and Lauren all started off in much the same way.  While working for J.B. & Patsy, Johnny built the plant & ran the route as Mary Pat maintained the front counter greeting & helping customers. Lauren too, started off as a front counter representative.

Lauren Walter VanCamp
Fourth generation owner

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